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1. What is the MediTract system?
MediTract is a healthcare contract and document management provider, serving over 20 percent of the nation's hospitals. MediTRact is a division of Tract Manager Inc., a national Internet-based technology firm specializing in secure, real time access to customized and centralized contact and document management database.
2. How do I get Access to the Meditract Database System?
Before gaining access to the MediTract system each user must take and complete all the appropriate training.
3. How do I register for training?
4. I am not sure if I need MediTract Access, how can I determine whether I need to have training?
If you currently manage contracts within your organization or department you may be a great candidate for MediTract training. Refer to your supervisor for further direction.
5. How many training sessions are offered?
There are a variety of train ing sessions that are offered, please click here to see the list of offerings.
6. Where can I get a Meditract Access Request Form if I completed training?
You can download the form by clicking here: Online Access Request Form
7. Does the MediTract Access form require supervisor approval
Yes, to be granted access to the MedTract system, your immediate supervisor will need to complete the supervisor section on the MediTract Access form.
8. Are there different levels of access?
Yes, the level of access is determined by the roles.
9. What are the current available roles?
Contract Collaborator, Contract Library, and Term have different roles.
10. Who determines the level of access?
The supervisor determines the level of access and the system administrator grants access.
11. Can the level of access be altered?
Yes, if the system administrator determines there is a specific need.
12. What is the difference between Contract Collaborator, Contract Library. TERMS, Property Tract, and the Focused Arrangements Database (FAD)? (or can click to previous definitions)
Contract Collaborator automates your process of routing, reviewing and approving contracts.
Contract Library serves as an automated file cabinet, creating a contract repository.
TERMS serves as a time and effort reporting system.
PropertyTract provides services that help real estate professionals face the challenges of managing and overseeing operating contracts and lease document used in management of real estate holdings.
Focused Arrangements Database (FAD) tracks and serves as a repository for contracts that implicate Stark and Anti-Kickback laws and is a database/file cabinet within the Contract Library.
13. How many databases or file cabinets are listed within the MediTract System for UMDNJ?
There are currently 17 database/file cabinets.
14. Is there a difference between database and file cabinets?
No, the terms are considered the same.
15. How can I obtain access to the Focused Arrangements Database (FAD)?
Contract Library I and II training is completed. Second, the need for access is determined by the user’s supervisor and FAD training is completed.
16. How secure is the MediTract system?
To prevent against information being breached during scanning and transmission, UMDNJ’s data is encrypted using the industry leader for encryption services. Additionally, a separate database within a secure environment is developed for every facility and/or department of each user.
17. Are there password requirements for MediTract?
Yes, the Office of Legal management id in the process of adapting and enforcing the same guidelines as the UMDNJ Password policy.
18. How can I get my password reset?
There are two ways to reset passwords. First, under the log in the box on the MediTract sign in pages a user can reset username or password. Secondly, a user can send an email to and request a password change. Passwords are reset within 24 hours on business days.
19. I am locked out of my system?
Users will send an email to, entitled Locked out of Account in the subject line. Accounts and passwords are reset within 24 hours on business days.
20. I cannot locate the document that I am searching for?
Users will send an email to, entitled Document Search request in the subject line and explain in the body of the email what document needs to be located. Search is preformed within 24-48 hours on business days.
21. The hyperlink took me to the wrong document?
Users will send an email to, entitled Incorrect Link in the subject line. Please note the contract numbers in the body of the email.
22. Is the MediTract system compatible with Microsoft products, including Window 8?
23. Is the MediTract system compatible with Apple products (MAC)?
Not as a stand-alone. There are many possible solutions with the need for added features.
24. Do I need any special equipment to use the MediTract system?
No. Access to the MediTract system only requires that individuals utilizing the system have internet access.
25. Does the MediTract system currently offer e-signature capability?
Not at this time. UMDNJ is currently using Docusign as an e-signature provider.
26. Does the MediTract system offer wireless solutions?
Yes, MediTract can be use through the TractManager APP for the IPAD, as well as through the internet.